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Insufficient Funds

by Less Miserable

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Horses Held 04:03
Let's go! 11th hour show to an apathetic crowd My hairline's receding but I'm growing it back out Hurry up! I've been waiting all day, this is as fast as I can run I've been tripping over my own feet trying to keep up I refuse to live with horses held No time! I gave it up all week for a motherfuckin paychecque I feel hellhounds breath on the back of my neck I know! This is not the way I'm expected to behave But the lines on my face deepen every day I refuse to live with horses held It might be alright for you but for me it's hell So life didn't turn out the way you wanted it to? Well I'd hate to break it to you And be the bearer of bad news But the world don't owe you shit You might deserve the good life But you still have to fight for it And there's no way we can win So you spit right in your failure's face When it asks you where you've been Because no one leaves unscathed And no one leaves unmarked So you might as well have good times To go along with the scars Over! My guitar is soaked, I'm drinking out the front Sweat in the electronics, fresh blood on the drums Breakout! I'm gonna ride this fucker til the wheels fall off Or I'll spend ten years wondering where ten years have gone
I'm a functional embarrassment I'm surprised I'm even allowed out in public Condemned to my ambitions And I drink just to forget I can't afford it Mama reads the obits from the city I live Just to see if I finally got some press I got no friends and a busted ride I wasted all my good wishes on satellites I'm not asking for the world Though I agree it sounds kinda nice Told my parents I've got me a contingency But I'm sorry there is no plan B I can't go home again I set fire to every bridge It was either that or freeze to death You don't exist, you never did This life is just the dream of a dying brain You just got lost along the way And the universe is correcting its mistake Stranded on a planet that can't sustain us We'll die from 80 years of oxidation
To whom it may concern: Before I leave, this town will burn And I'll be laughing at the debris in my rearview mirror But every time I run away A marathon's in front of me This fucking town won't let me out no matter how I plea I can't wait for a saviour, no I've gotta be on my own I wish I could stay to bask in the glorious glow But it's already gone from my mind I wonder where I'll be when I arrive I swear this place exists just to get left behind Blood lust and wanderlust I think they're on to us and the road we've taken This town will flaunt forgotten victories and ghosts Straight into oblivion I hope I have enough tunes to get there The best advice I got was get lost and I'm so close The river's high, so am I you better hope the flood can save you Take a dive, don't even try I heard the voice of doubt when I came to With one foot in the grave and one foot on the pedal Before the ash has time to settle I'll scream triumphant out my window goodbye.
I hear lovers the next room over Beating hearts banging on the wall Loneliness amplifies their wordless whining While I lay here in the dark The bottle's empty, she let me down again She used to treat me so sweet God forbid I get numb enough to sleep Or just dumb enough to weep Shadows shambling down the hall I see movement through the cracks of the door I'm the property of 4 AM Broken, broke and ignored Now the lovers, they're arguing Their noises keep me company I sit up, cruel and enthralled Their misery is sweet relief I might be the last lonely boy in the city tonight Everybody else is making love amid the aurora of the city lights Feelings overwhelm and they come on swift It's been a while since I felt missed And I'm the last lonely boy in the city tonight
Sleepwalker 03:38
I slept in and I missed your funeral I'm sorry old friend I could not attend But when I woke up, with my hungover head held low I missed you more than I could comprehend I slept in and I missed the last bus home The fire's going out but the sun'll be up soon Every light in my house has been shot out Their brightness just reminded me of you I wanna know if you're listening but I know it's never true But who the hell do I keep singing to? I slept in and I missed the end of the world Seems I'd rather be having dreams of you If I die tonight, no one will know who I'm singing to They might speculate but they won't have a clue Every now and then I'll stumble into a melody you enjoy I go back and forth from my tainted source to kill the memory And I'd ask you to stop haunting me But I enjoy your company So bring your friends because I can't seem to get any sleep Every now and then I'll stumble into a melody you enjoy
Almost Fun 03:17
By now it's a cliche To say I'm ending this charade Aching eyes, tender from the sun The product of a night that's almost fun And I don't wanna go But I don't wanna be alone I'm as pointless and humourless as adult swim is The bartender doesn't even know what a black-toothed grin is And I'm gonna regret tonight but "Hey man, it's almost fun" All my best friendships started with a fistfight Bonded by blood and the lives we were denied I know it sounds good to you But I think I'm fucking done Everything I touch turns to shit Just look at my last three relationships I'm sorry that my humour isn't making this easier I don't wanna seem like I'm not eager for hanging out with my old friends But "Hey man" this isn't fun This night was over before it even begun My cheek is the perfect place for my tongue So point me to the exit Cause I think I'm fucking done My idea of fun is a little bit different from yours Starting to like my hungover mornings after Better than my drunken nights before No names to remember, no one left to impress And if you let me crash on your couch I will make you some breakfast And I will tell you some jokes And if you laugh the night will have been worth it I'll laugh along to stories of good times I slept right through And you don't wanna fuck with shady Cause shady will fucking kill you
This is the oldest I've ever been (And the gallows sound so sweet) I exist for your amusement (But my pride has made you weary) Addicted to your disappointed stare (And now I'm exhausted) I didn't know when I held you (I was holding you hostage) Is this the life that you deserve or Just the one you worked so hard for? Should we persist or is the end inevitable? My cup is full of sorrow (but at least I tried my best) Another promise unfulfilled (Another night of bad sex) Random act of silence (I don't think these walls can take it) Phantoms following me (leaving me stirred and shaken) Is this the life that you deserve or Just the one you worked so hard for? Should we persist or is it over? I'm too old to be a soul in progress Too old to be fucking up another relationship I'm to old to go home on Christmas And just act like it ain't nobody's business
Missed Call 02:16
We were kids Sons of dejected men Reject reciprocation out of misplaced spite Ready to burn Twin molotovs without a match Full of booze and fuel, just waiting for a light We could have a drink and hash it out You won't entertain the thought You just like the way your phone looks When you know you won't pick up And this will be the last missed call you get from me We ran from cops Their siren like a synth To the syncopation of our steps in staggered time We finally stopped When we knew we weren't found out Laughing until we though that we might die We stomped our ground and hung around Content in our decay But it was either get out or get dead An easy choice to make We'll sit down someday and have that drink Yeah you have your doubts It may take time and a fistfight But we could work it out And this will be the last missed call you get from me
Demon's ensnared, look him in the eye Insanity extends an invitation to the rising tide Pin this one to the ground, make him scream for mercy "you're still so pretty when you're unfaithful to me" Once I had the world pinned up against a fence Now even my own mirror won't come to my defence Self-sabotage, a dishonest mistake Like a pinprick to the heart, it's only a matter of time Til I'm drained My demon's screaming out in sarcastic joy A contrast to my tightly closed lips Slightly poisoned with the promise of protection Just like the words the ocean in me spits The strings I pull tighten a noose around my throat When do the things I say and do become my fault? Blaming nameless apparitions for all my sins I'm wondering where the demons end and I begin Afterglow is getting rather dim Still figuring out how to fit my own skin Filtered breaths through a crooked grin Keeping dormant what lies within It's hard to lie when the truth is painted in your eyes It's confession time for guilty minds Indiscretions I'm forced to confide It costs a lot to be this cursed
I spend a lot of time missing all my friends Even the ones who aren't dead yet Even the friends that I've just met It's strange to think I might never see you again Are you still wound up, ready to combust? Are your dreams the only thing waking you up? I know you had to leave before the flood And it's not always easy to keep in touch But I just want you to know I"m proud of you Dreaming of bonfires on the beach Whistling through missing teeth Through the drunken haze it was easy to see Your songs hit me right where my heart beats We laughed at the thought of a 9-to-5 Naked in the water, killing time Staring at the sunrise, still buzzed Sirens by the window wake me up abrupt You know the autumn arrives a little earlier each year Your voice on the other line Gives me something resembling hope I was mad when you left but I was more upset Because I knew I couldn't do this on my own On my own And I just want you to know I'm proud of you Next time you're in town we'll meet for drinks Shoot the shit about nothing and everything We'll try our best to be clever Cracking beers and jokes in equal measure I'll be loaded like the poets pen Talking in my sleep again And my self-loathing won't get the best of me So I can just enjoy your company A song on the jukebox reminds me of us It echoes like a cracked choir We shared our fist concussions And I'll never forget the lesson That happiness don't mean shit No, happiness don't mean shit unless It's hard won and fought for And I just want you to know I'm proud of you


released March 11, 2020

James Martens - Vocals, Guitar
Mackenzie Meding - Guitar
Dan Wollach - Bass
Alastair Mcleod - Drums

Backing vocals by everybody. Creepy whispering on "Cursed" by Al. Additional percussion by Chris Pierce

Recorded at Volume IV September 2019
Produced by Chris Pierce
Mastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Mastering
Album art and layout by Mackenzie Meding
Photos by Mackenzie Meding and Jesse Rhodes


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